Fellowship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Requirements for a Fellowship Program?

    Manual therapy fellowship programs are designed to meet the following requirements. 1000 hours of learning including: - 130 hours of 1:1 mentoring - 310 hours of mentored practice - 160 hours of lab education in manual therapy - Additional learning and teaching expierences rounding out the program requirement.
  • How are the course costs structured?

    Our typical programs take advantage of your employers education allowance to cover the cost of the program. Through arrangement with your employer, the therapist agrees to remain with the employer through a period equal to the eduction budget allowance that will cover the cost of the program.
  • What is the typical format for the program?

    9 weekend intensive classes are scheduled approximately every 8 weeks. Each course is complemented with 8 weeks of online learning including course manuals, technique video examples, discussion board support and online testing. course are held at locations selected by the sponsoring organization.
  • How would we go about sponsoring a new program?

    Programs are typically sponsored by a therapy provider who arranges to have 15-20 therapists participate in the program. Therapist and the sponsor typically arrange an employment agreement for a designated length of time equal to their education budget to cover the cost of the program.
  • What is the difference between the certification program and the fellowship program?

    The certification program coursework makes up the lab and didactic portions of the fellowship. The mentorship component and additional requirements are not required for the certification program. Both programs will have a oral and written practical at the conclusion of the intensives.